Henryka Woerle   Henryka Woerle
Glass Art & Paintings

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After obtaining MA´s in painting graphics and in glass design from Wroclaw´s Academy of Fine Arts in 1979 I walked a turbulent patch of indecision.

For many years I gave preference to paintings but never neglected my love of glass a truly fascinating material. As an artist I am continually exploring new ways of creating art in order to avoid stagnating in my confort zone.

Photo credit: Paul Bernhardt

Glass sculptures
Henryka Woerle (Poland)

"Glass is for the Polish Artist Henryka Woerle an alternative space where her ideas take shape.
Her glassfigures which seem to be immobile and transparent suddenly come to life trough the intensity of light. Colours appear which reflect inside out or outside in. Different gravitation laws make it possible that the glassfigures change and new possibilities arise. For Henryka Woerle glass is magic; either it is shiny or matt, transparent or multicolor, opaque or sparkle like a diamant exposed to light. If badly treated or wrongly handled glass behaves like a cruel lover; it brakes, but in the delicate hands of Henryka Woerle dreams of glass are made."

José Roberto Moreira, commisário e galerista
Galeria Colorida, Lisbon, July 2011